Welcome to Fenton Hereford Ranch Inc

We are located 7 miles east of Irma or 11 miles west Wainwright, Alberta Canada. Our ranch runs one of the largest Horned Hereford herds in North America. From our beginnings in 1946 we are now breeding over 600 registered cows annually which allows us to select from quality in quantity.

We also run a selection of 25 registered Quarter Horse mares that enables us to raise and train our own geldings. Due to our rugged terrain the horse has become a necessity for our everyday use. This allows us to spend countless hours riding and training which we truly enjoy.

Our cattle and horses are offered for sale each year in mid November.

With over 60 years of strict selection we feel we have a consistent product that will work for you. Please visit our ranch and evaluate the cattle and horses as we are proud of the seed stock we have assembled.

At Fenton Hereford Ranch we try to run our cattle as close to a commercial run operation as possible.  We graze late into the fall, turn into the corn with the first snows, and come home to calve in April where they are then paired up and pushed back to grass.  We feel it is important that the cattle learn to survive and thrive under ranch conditions.  No one animal is deemed more important than another pre birth so there is never any more investment in one that pressures them to be the “next one” rather than watching and letting the next one find you.

With input costs rising being the only certainty, our efforts are focused on having the cattle harvest the crops for themselves. It is the Hereford breed that really takes advantage of such opportunity as a top feed efficient animal. With our Canadian winters they stand alone with their depth of hair coat and thickness of hide.  I don’t know if we truly appreciate what these intangibles do for our bottom line. 

When cattle are able to achieve these goals under range conditions they can go onto excel under controlled environments.  The consistency needed to improve our product is easily measured in Mother Nature’s Feedlot.  At Fenton Hereford Ranch our goal is to provide consistent, productive cattle that will allow our customers the best possible result.  Take advantage of our numerous years of mating and selecting livestock when you consider your next replacement heifer, herd bull, or horse. 

53rd Annual Fall Hereford Sale

Saturday, November 18, 2017
1:00 PM MST

*watch for sign and flag

Please come early to view our cattle and horses and join us for lunch at 11:00 a.m. 

Can't make it to the sale?

For instruction, please visit our Sale page.

Sale Contact Information

Box 479
Irma, Alberta, Canada
T0B 2H0

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Al & Lori: 780-754-2384
Al Cell: 780-842-7806
Conrad Cell: 780-209-3600
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